Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bessay Babeh!

SoOoo tiRinG shEzzZ.. Mid-yEaR teSt iS neXt wEek!
shOckinG!! diD i stuDy??
aHahA.... hEh' um.. weL ya sEeeEeeEe....................
 fUnnY stoRy.. NO!

oH, weL.. i shOuld, i coUld, i wOuld..

oOooH! anD
i'm sOnGleaDinG thE kidDo's sUndaY skoOl thiS weEk...
anD yOuth ( yEa, biG shOckeR! )

finiSheD mY 300 woRd esSay on "SaYinG GoOdbYe"
( cReDit's to DaniEl!! )
i'm NOT bOaStinG bOut,gOod thE eSsaY, iTseLf waS
weL.... caUz i wRote iT.. bUt i am hOwevEr gOnna SaY..
thaT thE stoRy-linE waS GeniUs!
OBVIOUSLY! iT's a DanieL moK's stoRy!
He's Sooo tWisteD!
pRoP's to DANIEL!! tHanKie yOuuUu!! =D

thiS iS toTaLly ranDom!

cHeCk oUt wHat i can Do!!
tHissSssSss iS sOooOoOoOoooOOooOooooo cOol!
hEh, bEt ya can't dO thiS!! no ya cAn't!
i knOw wHat'cHat thinKinG..., i'm SoOoooOo outdaTed!
bU whO caRes wHat yOu thinK
wHen i can cAnceL what yOu saY!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sri GaRdEn's i.u niGht! (inteRnaTionaL undeRstanDinG )

WaD uP peEps! soOo.. 2 laZy 2 eLaboRate on
thE evEnt... juSt gOnna saY tHat thE i.u nigHt waS
a blaSt..! leaRneD inteReStinG stuFf bOut egYpt..
mEt uP witH a cOuple of fRenZ..
taLkeD cRaP anD scReameD aLl niGht...
waTcheD mY baBe (aiSha) peRfoRm...
camWhoReD* likE sheZz..
i'll leT thE piCtuReS dO thE taLkin :

SheRmainE anD mEeeE! laSt piCtuRe i toKe.

rEtards : raChaEl henG, mEeEe anD suRayYn

wHile waiTinG in linE... wHat'cha gOnna dO?

mEeEe, raChaEl hEnG, shErmAinE anD suRaYyn.

mEeEe! anD enG zYan a.k.a eGg.

mEeEe, anD eGg,

mEeEe, weSley anD enG zYan

keVin anD mEeeeE

SaRah, miCheLl anD iSabEll

meeEee, sarah, miCheLl anD iSsabeLl

mEeeE and kiSsy faCeS pPl..

mEee and eEu jin
weSley juSt neEde thE limEliGht beHinD!

mEee and eEu jin
enG zYan aS weLl..

mEeeEe and weSley

mEeeeEee, jinG mUn (soRt of) and wei ka

mEeeEeeeE and sheeEeeRmainE!

meEeeeEee and nana


aiSha anD mEeeEee.

mY dudes / baBes : suFiannA (nana), aiSha anD mEeEee.

mEeeEe and amiR

nana's hoLdinG mY diLema, a blaCkbeRry or i phOne!!

aiSha, finDinG a waY 2 geT heR waY!!

mUa daRlinGs : aiSha anD nana!

mY litTle belLy danCeR! aiSha

mEeeE and muGilan

mEeeEee, rEek anD ginA

mEee and jinG mUn
diD ya knOw : theRe's wateR in mY mOuth
whiLe taKinG thiS piC.

aLl thE V.I.P's and inteRacteR's

mEee and cLeopaTra (vEnuGa)

LeOn ,san jeEv and aRran (zai)

tHe caSt.. anD mEe

mY runWay diva's

mEee anD the pyRamiD!!
soOo randOm, i knOw

mEee and noUra

tOtaLly ePic piCtuRe..

mEee and sHan. (shaniCe)

mE and iVan.

   shErmainE anD ivan

kEnnEth anD mEeEee

mEee, daRlinG yUka anD yEe linG

mEeeEe anD thE camWhoRe kinG! bRyan onG.

bRyan anD yuKa.

sOoo gay... anD mEeEe =D

raChaEl henG anD bRyan.

sheR and mEee. =)

sheR, mE and sHan

enG zYan, eEu jin anD sHan : sheR is sOo Outt!
sheR : FINE!

loVe thiS piC. dOn't knOw whY..
sHan lOokeD awaY whEn the camEra snaPped!

thiS iS hoW we dRank wateR.. soOo paThetiC!